Experience Tourism 2.0

HoloGuide is a mobile app that helps showcase history and culture to tourists using the assistance of a multilingual AR character.

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About HoloGuide

Our main core features are:

Itinerary Planner

Helps solve two common trip planning challenges. Figuring out how long you need to spend at each place, and maximizing your vacation time by grouping nearby attractions together.

AR Guide

Tourists can follow an animated character guide in augmented reality, guiding them around to interesting spots and talking to them in 10+ languages! Find top nearby Restaurants, Museums, Parks, Attractions, Malls, ATMs and Bus stops.

POD Support

For people of determination, HoloGuide can extend the possibilities they had, by giving them control and allowing them to rely on themself and not others.

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Meet Our Team


Hassan Khanchi (Morpheus)

UI/UX, Research analyst and operations


Ahmed Tameemi (Hustler)

Business developer and Strategic planner


Amrullah Mishelov (Hacker)

Game developer and Technical artist


Undergoing content development and Beta testing for selected users.

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